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The evidence derived from the Kenya AIDS Indicator Survey ( KAIS, 2007) shows that 0lder persons aged 50 years and above are increasingly infected by HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases just like other age groups i.e. the prevalence rate for the 50-54 women age group (8%)was higher than national prevalence (7.4%) and comparable to the prevalence rate for the 25-29 age group (9%).

For every one older person, four orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) are under their care. Today in Kenya, older persons carry the heaviest burden of care and support for orphans and vulnerable children and HIV/AIDS infected persons. This potentially exposes them to HIV infections. Similarly, programmes offering financial and material support hardly target older persons, whereas, prevailing HIV/AIDS information does not target older persons.

To mitigate this, we aim at :-

·         Organizing advocacy and public awareness campaigns.

·         Collaborating with like –minded institution for safe guarding the rights and entitlements of older persons.

·         Improving HIV/AIDS community based support systems through capacity building and empowerment of older persons as peer educators and home based care givers.

·         Improving livelihood of older persons through sustainable practical interventions e.g. seed capital for income Generating Activities (IGAs). 

·         Supporting the OVCs under the care of the older persons with activities that help them continue with their education, such as provision of school uniforms, Income Generating Activity, Grants and Vocational Skills training for the drop out students.

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