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Rights and Entitlements

In Kenya, there has been steady rise in the abuse, neglect and violation of the older people (both men and women). The abuses range from rape, murder, disinheritance of property and rights of the older people to make decision.

To mitigate this we, helps in:-

§  Advocating for older persons recognition under Kenyan Law and seeks their protection.

§  Lobbying, the public and stake holders to support Older persons friendly policies.

§  Creating awareness on the rights and entitlement of the Older persons.


§  Organizing advocacy events during the World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (15th June), the international Day of Older Persons (1st October), Annual Age Demands Action Campaign and World Aids Day (1st December).

Our Spotlight

  • Hellen Wainaina - Founder & Chairperson of Footsteps
  • Walk of Charity
  • Jigger infested wooman foot
  • Mama Hellen - The Inspiration behind Footsteps
  • Woman infested with Jiggers
  • Orphan and Vulnerable Kid
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