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Challenges Encountered


This has happened since there are many aged persons who need basic needs. Support from local well wishers is little and this has led to constant begging from well wishers who mostly support with maize meal. FOOTSTEPS OF MERCY COMMUNITY BASED ORGANIZATION has been receiving great support from Patrick kimani (Husband OF Hellen Wambui the founder of the organization).


Some of the aged persons are based in slums such as Kiandutu, witeithie, Gachagi, kiganjo. Some of these places have high cases of insecurity but we have tried to minimize the risk by working during the day.


Lack of transport

Lack of shelter among the aged persons; most of the aged need shelter and this requires funds.

Lack of office space, staff and equipments e.g. computers, printers, modems

 Lack of adequate resources such as foodstuffs, blankets etc needed for continuous assistance among the aged persons.


Why Target The Old?


§  Vulnerable aged persons.

§  Orphans and vulnerable children.

Why we target aged persons

Community tends to forget aged persons whose strength was used during the youthful periods.

Members of the public care too busy and tend to forget the aged since they view them as not being economically productive. As a result they die poor, lonely, sad, bitter and cursing.

Some aged persons have defendants (vulnerable children) whom if given a chance can achieve good education but due to poverty majority ends up in the streets.

About Us

About Us

                                              ’Touching the Lives of Vulnerable’!


FOOSTEPS OF MERCY COMMUNITY BASED ORGANISATION is a community based organization that is registered by the Ministry of Gender, children and Social development and operating within Thika District in Kenya (Reg. certificate number DGSD/TKA/CBO/010/008.)


“Touching the lives of the vulnerable persons”


A society where Older people’s rights and entitlements are guaranteed, protected ensuring dignified life and access to quality health care, information, shelter and all basic needs.


To champion for the rights, welfare and needs of older persons through empowerment and sustainable development programs.


Respect- Unreserved respect for the Older person’s views, opinions and contributions in the society. Participation-A belief that older persons should actively participate in decision-making processes.

Self-Fulfillment- The need for the independence and self fulfillment of older persons.

Recognition- Recognition of older person wisdom and significant contributions to the family and the society.


Our organization has a well defined organizational structure that headed by a management board.

 The board is comprised of chairperson, vice chair, secretary and secretary and treasurer. We have been an active community based organization that has been engaging in various activities.

Our Spotlight

  • Woman infested with Jiggers
  • Mama Hellen - The Inspiration behind Footsteps
  • Orphan and Vulnerable Kid
  • Hellen Wainaina - Founder & Chairperson of Footsteps
  • Walk of Charity
  • Jigger infested wooman foot
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