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Why Target The Old?


§  Vulnerable aged persons.

§  Orphans and vulnerable children.

Why we target aged persons

Community tends to forget aged persons whose strength was used during the youthful periods.

Members of the public care too busy and tend to forget the aged since they view them as not being economically productive. As a result they die poor, lonely, sad, bitter and cursing.

Some aged persons have defendants (vulnerable children) whom if given a chance can achieve good education but due to poverty majority ends up in the streets.

Our Spotlight

  • Jigger infested wooman foot
  • Woman infested with Jiggers
  • Walk of Charity
  • Mama Hellen - The Inspiration behind Footsteps
  • Hellen Wainaina - Founder & Chairperson of Footsteps
  • Orphan and Vulnerable Kid
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