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Roots For an Independent Community

Image As we strive to create an independent community; it has been our mission to give useful resources to the needy community so that they can be able to carry out their economic activities productively and with ease. 



Charity for the Old Folks

It was a day like no other for the old folks in Kiandutu slums as we paid them a visit. The mood was jovial as they got to interact with our white friends who gave their service to deliver what the folks needed most; Food and Hope.


Our Spotlight

  • Woman infested with Jiggers
  • Walk of Charity
  • Orphan and Vulnerable Kid
  • Mama Hellen - The Inspiration behind Footsteps
  • Hellen Wainaina - Founder & Chairperson of Footsteps
  • Jigger infested wooman foot
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